About Institute for Open Science and Innovation

Institute for Open Science and Innovation (INOSI) is a young Ukrainian NGO founded in February 2023 with the urgency to support the National Open Science Plan implementation and advance a knowledge-driven economy in Ukraine through innovations. The organisation arose from the Ministerial Working Group on the National Plan for Open Science development after the approval of the Plan in October 2022 and the end of the working group mandate. Despite being a newborn entity, INOSI has already managed to shape a strong National-level network of experts in the field of Open Science, Open Innovation, and Open Education, able to bring positive change to the academic system and culture, particularly through reforms at all levels.

The organisation's focus is on:

  • promoting the development of science and education through the introduction of open practices, digitalisation, and technological progress, as well as through improving the quality of research and its assessment;
  • promoting the development of information society, open exchange of information and knowledge to overcome global challenges and ensure sustainable development;
  • promoting the development of innovations, innovation infrastructure, and the knowledge economy, coordinating the efforts of public authorities, local governments, non-profit organisations, and businesses for this purpose;
  • promoting the development of international cooperation and professional relations, knowledge transfer, and dissemination of best practices in science, education, and innovation;
  • promoting the development of publishing and information infrastructure in the fields of science, education, and innovation.